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Madison Ave. for the little guy

Corner of “We can’t afford an agency like that” and “Now you can.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an unlimited marketing budget?

Think of everything you could do and accomplish. The competition you could overtake. The companies you could acquire. The factories and new markets you could open and enter into.

If only you had more money… Poppycock.

Before Nike was Nike, they had bupkis. Apple was no better off. Really.

So before you cower in their shadows just remember neither was an overnight hit or benefitted from the kind of marketing bucks they shell out today.

No, they had a vision, product realized from it and unflappable conviction.

If you have that, well, then, you have more than money — you have morsels to inspire a cult-like following of your own — what we like to call branding you big.

ok, show me how
  • Erin School Unveils Mascot Logo

    Fortunate to be a part of the Erin School Logo Committee, and was able to help nurture the design throughout the process and develop multiple variations of school’s new logo design. This is the enclosure version which is ideal for making stickers, clings and magnets......

  • YY&Y Yoder Yoder & Yoder

    Matrix NeoCast Busts A Move

    When NeoBrake created Matrix NeoCast, the world’s first lightweight cast iron brake shoe, they changed the game. The trucking industry hell-bent on transitioning from S-cam foundation brakes (drum brakes) to air disc brakes. Only that wasn’t solving safety issues for the millions of tractor trailers......

  • Meet the Ad Guy with the Amish Last Name

    If you’re going to grow up in a small town in Indiana and your last name isn’t Mellencamp, trust me, you want to be a Yoder: it’s instant rock star status without the record deal. People you’ve never seen or met before will recognize you by name......