Matrix NeoCast Launch Video News

When NeoBrake created Matrix NeoCast, the world’s first lightweight cast iron brake shoe, they changed the game. The trucking industry hell-bent on transitioning from S-cam foundation brakes (drum brakes) to air disc brakes. Only that wasn’t solving safety issues for the millions of tractor trailers still operating on America’s roadways.


But the Matrix NeoCast brake shoe does.


In fact, the trucking industry never saw it coming. Early generation cast iron shoes weighed about eight pounds more, which is why the industry went to pressed-steel shoes. They cut down on fuel mileage. In time, however, braking performance declined as pressed-steel wilted under the heat and relining process. Shoes stretched, twisted and turned. Then welds broke.


Linings began wearing unevenly and torque power diminished. As such, so did braking performance. The industry accepted it.


Not NeoBrake.


Matrix NeoCast brake shoes provide lasting torque power. The same performance that once was commonplace within the industry. Only in a cast shoe that weighs comparable to pressed-steel. Which is where the comparisons end. This rock-solid, yet revolutionary lightweight cast iron brake shoe restores braking performance and power to its full glory. So, to dramatize its advanced, no-give construction – while poking fun at the industry’s standard pressed counterparts – we created this video.