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Meet the Ad Guy with the Amish Last Name

If you’re from a small town in Indiana and you aren’t named Mellencamp, trust me, you want to be a Yoder: instant rock star status without appearing on American Idol.
Strangers recognize your name and can’t help but ask, “Are you Amish?”  Never mind the snazzy street threads and oversized smartphone to give it away. Heck, a simple “no” won’t even curb their curiosity.
“Were you Amish? Are your relatives Amish? Were they ever?”
Folks, outside of my last name and where I grew up, there’s nothing Amish about me. Yet this is the reaction I often get. So if you question the power of branding, I’d strongly recommend rethinking that.
And then I got to thinking, maybe I’m more Amish than I’m leading on. My eye for detail and the way I make ads isn’t all that different from an Amish craftsman. You think Amish furniture is good? Wait ’til you see how I craft copy and build brands.
This Yoder hung out his shingle to create an Amish-like fascination for a client’s brand name.
So if you like the idea of total strangers being that into your brand, let’s talk and see what we can do to create a cult-like following for you. I’ll even share some interesting Amish stories, if you want.