Turns out, street hustlers even know why.

Street hustlers might be selling junk, but their approach is not. You see, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. That’s what inspires a connection between strangers. Which is why street hustlers never broadcast what they really do – or how they do it.

Start with why.

Great leaders understand that in order to inspire movements you must win hearts before minds. Top brands know this as well. Starting with WHY allows you to establish an emotional bond with potential customers right away. Beginning your story with “what you do” followed by “how you do it” can risk sounding too similar to what your competitors even with clear differences.

tell how.

When you lead with what you stand for, what your purpose or cause is, you appeal to people who share your values and you create a deeper bond with customers than if you define yourself by WHAT you do. Communicating HOW you do what you do demonstrates your product, service or process.

then what you do.

WHAT you do is often defined by your company, product or service name. Which leaves little to the imagination and greatly reduces the chances of attracting customers who swear by your product or service and become brand ambassadors. Starting with WHY isn’t new, it’s Apple, Harley-Davidson, Southwest Airlines.

That’s how we “brand you big.”

START WITH WHY isn’t our original concept. It’s the title of a powerful book by Simon Sinek, which embodies everything we believe as brand strategists. It delves into the particulars of this approach, providing ample research and examples to support this intuitive approach. A book we highly recommend. If there’s a WHY behind your product or service, we’ll leverage it for all it’s worth.

Next step is almost too obvious.